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2005-09-30 - 7:08 p.m.

So don't even try to answer the question without knowing... The answer to the universe , the meaning of life, etc. 42, ok?? Try again if it doesn't compute..... Phones - Mysterious purveyors of mystery?


Davee Preeze.

I'm sorry there's no Dave here.

No! Preeze, I speak Davey, Davey? Need Davey now.

I'm sorry, you must have the wrong number....

(Panicked) Davey say I call - need Davy!

I'm sorry there is no Davey Here.....

Hep me preez get Davey! It ok, Davey say call!

Listen, There's no Davey here... Is there something I can help you with?

Get Davey for me nowww! Siani need Davey! No worky no more massagee, need Davey SAVEE!

Good bye! Click

Life is stranger than fiction......

Curiouoso is still wondering... Who Davey??//

P.S. New Idea: Fuck List... Would you be on my "Fuck List" (Rhetorical Question only - No actual duties or contact) if there wasn't any stigma attached? I.E. No you're too old, I'm Too immature, I'm/Your married/attached/embarrassed/etc. Two lists, been there done that... and Future loves....too sweet. Note me and say OK or No way, pervert. Neither will result in any actual sex or ideas. Just a way to make me / you feel wanted/appreciated. Note me now!!!! so long and thanks for the fish! Thanks for the fish !


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