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2009-05-15 - 10:29 a.m.

My visit with my brother, Drunk Ass Pablohas been good in many ways. We haven't spent more than a couple days together for decades. I realized he has many good points as well as bad habits. He is friendly, not unintelligent ( I hesitate to say smart because someone "smart" should be able to realize how unrealistic he is. ) I've had no problems getting him to do chores around here either.

I attribute that to picking chores for him that he likes and can be done withiout a strict timetable. Mom had problems with chores because, like a drill sargent she'd just order him to do something NOW. That works in the military or for children, but not for 50+ yr. old men.

I am getting rather tired of him in many ways and am starting to wish we were on our way back to California Now in stead of in 2 weeks.

He is in debt to me $150.00 again and that doesn't include things I'm just paying for because I want to. Going out for lunch means I'll have to pay, going in the car formore than an hour means stopping at a bar at least once.

I really don't like going out every day to buy him alcohol, even when he is paying. What ever he gets is drunk the same day. Yesterday I went and got him a case of 24 oz, Steel Reserve beer. He said that would last two days. Now he is asking me to get another. That's $21.00 a pop, every day. He is very unrealistic, proclaiming he can manage his money but his $900. check was gone in 3 days and he never paid his friends phone bill for thier family plan like he promised. He got mad one night and threw it in the pool, ruining it. A good excuse not to pay the $100. bucks, leaving the girl to pop for it or have it turned off. ( she is on call at work) He drives you nuts beating jokes or situations to death over and over again. On the way to Prescott he complained, "I hate Arizona" so much that Rat Ryan threatened to stop the car and beat the crap out of him unless he shut up! In the car he stinks of Alcohol so much it nearly makes you sick, and it's embarrassing to be identified with him when you go somewhere.

OK I'm done venting. If you've lived with an alcoholic like him before, I'm sure you've been through it.

That isn't the way I want to live and I'll be glad not to deal with it for a few more decades!

Curiouoso* about to go to the store...


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