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2009-03-30 - 4:56 p.m.

Amy went back to California today and I'm depressed about it.

She was sick Saturday and Sunday and spent both days in bed, but it was still better than her not being here at all.

Rosie, Princess of Dogdom, must be depressed too cause when I got home from the airport she had shit all over my office the hallway and in the master bedroom. I just can't take that especially the smell. Rat Ryan had to clean it up while I deoderized the whole house. Her Highness was ostracized to the back yard. OK, she was banished to the yard and treated as an unperson (undoggy) where she may take up permanany residence if she even looks at me crosseyed once!

This was quite a weekend and I'm glad it's over (except Amy flying out), as we had her Birthday party and another party as well. My winerack was nearly full, but now has been decimated. I think that's a good reason not to have any wine for a while.

That's enough for now.

Curiouoso* miserable and hot.


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