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2008-04-20 - 5:02 p.m.

I decided to get some new tires (again). Pep Boys (Theres your free advertising guys!) was having a grand opening sale. They were giving away 10 sets of free tires, 50 oil changes for a year,and 50 $10. off coupons. I got there an hour early but there was about 70 people ahead of me. I figured what the hell, the tires will be gone but theres all the oil changes and $10. coupons. Add those together and you have 110 free things for the first customers. There were 70 people in front of me, ergo I would get something free, Right?

Wrong! Somehow the 110 prizes for the first 110 people ran out before me....go figure. So amy and I got 2 free deluxe donuts, 2 free hotdogs, 4 free waters and 1 free power drink. She also got a t-shirt from her favorite radio station. It's something anyway.

I pulled weeds in the back yard today and watered all the palm trees. I also cut back and moved some of the cacti. Of course the bastards stuck me 15 ways to Sunday, as usual. They are starting to bloom again. These, started to open yesterday, and were full bloom this morning. By tomorrow they will just be a pretty memory, the short life of a cactus flower.

Curiouoso is glad pretty women last longer than 1 night!
Some, like Amy, last a lifetime!


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