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2008-04-13 - 5:42 p.m.

I've been wanting to update but just can't seem to get in the mood when the opportunity arises.

My brother from Iowa is flying out in a few weeks to meet my older brother from Prescott. That should be real fun.
A week with Diver (I forgot what I called my iowa brother last time so Diver it is) could be interesting.

He claims to only date strippers, I think it's just laziness, but he'll have many to choose from here!!

My brother, Drunk-ass Pablo, was hit by a car while riding his bike 3 weeks ago. A few broken ribs, but he didn't even bother to file a claim. Thursday, a high school girl opened her door into him on the bike, knocking him off. This time Amy is going to help file the car ins. claim for him. She claims it's worth policy limits for his injuries. I hope so, He has a broken hip, pelvis, shoulder, internal bleeding and won't be out of the hospital for a long time. He also has a cracked skull, maybe it has rearranged his brains and he'll get his shit together now. I love my brother, but enough is enough, being fucked up. Now the outside body will match his life and he just might figure out this can't go on any longer.

I haven't been feeling myself this week. Right now there are a couple of attractive women in the back yard, nieghbors relatives who came for the races at PIR, and I can't even get out there to flirt at all. No desire, just a lackluster attitude.

Curiouoso* must be sick when he can't be bothered to be friendly to attractive friendly women.


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