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2008-03-08 - 10:03 p.m.

Hi- Sorry for the lack of entries. Actually sorry not 4 U, but for me, too much water under the dam to do justice to the last week.

I've been working locally, covering for a co-worker on vacation. His hours being later than mine, mean I've been working too much. At 4AM it's too dark to see much, but by 6 or so, after my morning duties, the dawn has lit up the area and the crisp clear air reveals the the hills so close to the house and work site. The phoenix area has lots of hills, scattered thruout the city. These particular hills are quite tall and rugged, and make you want to climb them, explore every part of them, and wrest thier secrets from thier very essense.

Living in the desert, with modern conveniences, makes you wonder how "primitive" people were not only able to survive, but actually worked through and within thier environment to survive and have real lives, in spite of the harsh conditions.

Lets move on to NANCY GRACE, the TV news / crime anchor.
This woman, 10 years a prosecutor in the legal system, is a total bitch. I detest the woman. Opinionated on every crime, she goes on and on about the guilt of the suspects in every crime. If you are a man related to a crime victim, she will be calling you guilty in a flash. obnoxious and a bitch seem to be her claim to TV fame.

And the baby shit!!!! News, dear Nancy, Women have been having babies, including twins since time immorial, WITHOUT the benefit of C-section,(BTW, were you planning a c-section anyway at your convenience, so pregagnancy wouldn't interfere with your other plans?) nannies, the best infant pre- birth care money can buy, etc.etc. What makes you so special that people compliment you and gush over you when they call in? Why can't you just say thank you and move on, instead of going on about your wonderful babies and how noble you are to have been pregnant? Any 14 year old Ghetto girl can and does get pregnant, every day, and actually have babies the natural way But no, you must be so talented and special the way you go on about it....Get a clue!

Anyway,what brings on this rant?

The other night she was all het up about the now infamous "Throwing the puppy over the cliff" video. She was all set to crucify this soldier. All her assorted experts were describing ways he could be punished, how many years of hard labor, When did he sell out to Satan,etc. Now if you have read me for any length of time then you know I'm a dog lover. All animals are important and need to be protected from Man's indescretions, be they cruel deeds or forced from thier natural environments.

This incident, if real, is a terrible thing, I would not ever excuse it. BUT GET REAL! Our soldiers are killing innocent Iraqis every day, right along with "insurgents". They have been trained to be killers for the state. (I'm not against our soldiers, they need to be brought home soon and integrated back into real life) Why is Nancy Grace so hostile about this mistreatment of one puppy and not at all vocal about the mass slaughter we (that's you and me cause we haven't stopped this done in our name) are participating in every day in Iraq, Afganistan, Gaza, soon South America, and possibly Iran? I guess these people aren't worth the life of a puppy?!

Amy has arrived safely in Europe, but her luggage?// maybe the North pole??? First they said they knew where it was, now after two days it's nowhere to be found. My guess is that our "PROTECTORS" the noble TSA saw the wine packed in it, and stole it along with the new 12 megapixal camera and other things packed in it like my 150 euro check for my Irish citizenship.

Speaking of "Homeland Security", knowing how the NSA has stolen all our privacy on the internet and email, etc, via rerouting the main internet backbone to thier headquarters, I wonder if my last work email will raise red alarms in NSA headquarters? While I never meant it to be or appear suspicious, after I sent it I began to think any intercept would drive them nuts. Basically it was an email delinatining things that I did while covering for my cowrker. He is in Spain right now and I was bringing him up to speed on the last two weeks. The email said, " Don't be concerned with the Nuke stuff, I transferred all responsibility to Slavko, and he'll take over our plans for that." Freddy was having problems with the computers at Palo Verde, and was concerned over what I did to fix it. I transferred the whole mess to my old boss, whose name is Slavko, which might sound foriegn, (it is, though he's not) but the keywords (if they still use that method of determining importance) Nuke, Transfer, fix the stuation, etc. as well as the foriegn sounding nameand the address overseas, could well flag this as some "terrorist" message.

Hey, Fuck em if they can't take a joke!

I'm off to Ireland Tuesday morning, and if I actually get through the TSA checkpoint, will be gone a couple weeks. If I don't update for months, Look for me in the tropics, Cuba, G.Bay to be exact. Those fucking TSA assholes always irritate the shit out of me, and one of these days I'm going off on them. So get me out, if that happens, I'm innocent of anything except supreme disrespect of bureaucrats and thier attack dogs like the TSA.

Let's see, what else in the last two weeks has happened that I wanted to talk about?

I can't remember except for dreams, a subject that's too long for this post.

I guess I'm just an unreformed "Bad Boy" type. Sorry, someone out there must be attracted to "bad Boys"! Britney Spears is too young, Pamela Anderson will never meet me, so life is tough then you die!

Curiouoso* savoring how he helped the last missionary he spoke with gain extra points in heaven, by being a tough sell. Missionaries crave hard cases, rollover converts don't gain respect in church. The difficult ones, Who asked you why you are spreading the words of Satan and can answer verse for verse FROM YOUR OWN SPECIAL EDITON of the bible, gain missionarys many more points in "heaven", or at least thier own deluded minds, and curiouoso* is always Happy to help out. P.P.S. Sorry for the mispellings and poor grammer. It was late when I wrote it and I'm too busy packing etc. to give much time to rewriting this. Honestly I'm not a totally ignorant slob! (At least not all the time!)


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