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2009-04-28 - 3:44 p.m.

This was a comment on Poolies diary, but it got out of hand. I think it deserves a page of it's own,though I didn't plan this today.

I'm sorry, She ( Kathy Willets ) claimed to be a nymphomaniac, but was a porn star and hooker/ sextrade worker.

Nymphomania has very little to do with it. I've only met 1 true nymphomaniac in my life and she did what everyone else does, a normal life except she "had to have" ( wanted/needed ) sex every night multiple times.

I remember one morning after being up most of the night, she said I'll fix that so you'll be ready. After about 15 minutes she stopped then said suspiciously, "You don't really want to do it, do you?". When I admitted I'd rather wait till later, she was terribly upset and pretty much wanted to go out and find someone else!

Another possible Nymph had to have sex every night irregardless. I once was 2 hours late to come over, she had given up and was literally balling someone else when I arrived!

Both of these cases where due to a low self esteem. One had got into a terrible car accident and was slightly disabled and need the constant reinforcement of male sexual attention. The other had been rather unattractive as a teenager and badly scarred by boys about her looks. Having slight plastic surgery had made her beautiful, but I believe she sought out male attention, then after sex, cut them off so as to state that they weren't going to ever get it again as punishment to males ( and females ). Both were actually fine people and getting to know them, I was exempt from thier foibles (mostly).

I know that's far more information than anyone might wish to know, but the life of a nymphomanic is not always an easy one and should be empathisized with for being a victim of something they truly don't have control over.



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