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2008-08-18 - 6:27 p.m.

I've decided it's time to update my 101 things about me page. It's a bit out of date, probably was 15 years out of date when I wrote it! I'll try to do better this time.

I'm kind of lazy about this though, and after 25 or so things start to blur and I found myself reaching for the last 25. Consequently, I'm only going to do a few each day till it's finished.

1. Iíve been described as a risk taker. I prefer to think of myself as a risk evaluator. If others do it, and they usually donít die or wreck their body too much, I can probably do it too!

2. In line with Risk Evaluation, Iíve parachuted, bungi jumped, ridden fast motorcycles, and raced cars at high speed.

3. Iíve had a Honda 90, Honda 175, Honda 350, 1969 Triumph Trident, a turbo charged Suzuki 1100, 2 Kawasaki 900s, 3 Kawasaki 1500ís, and a custom Kawasaki 2000 Cruiser.

4. Iíve had 5 VW bugs, all pre 1974, a 1970 Plymouth Barracuda, a few Chevys and a few Saturns. My favorite cars were my Austin Healys. Everyone I ever talked with about Austin Healys had great stories about them. Each story would always contain, ďThat was the best car I ever owned, or I drove it right off the bridge, drunk as a skunk, but that sure was a fun car!

5. Once my best friend said, ďI nearly died three times, and two of those times were with you!Ē

6. I used to be durable and my body relatively tough. I never broke a bone for the first 45 years of my life. Since then Iíve broken 3 really good (Bad).

7. I used to participate in some sports, Cycling, Wrestling, Martial Arts, Bowling and Motorcycling. The bowling and wrestling went first after high school, the cycling periodically makes a comeback, and the motorcycling is just for fun now.

8. My most successful sports effort was knocking a guy out with one punch in a Karate tournament. That wasnít a technical knockout; He didnít wake up for a minute.

9. The sports activity Iím most proud of was the charity bicycle ride I went on from San Francisco to Los Angeles over a weekís time. That was 550 miles, and I rode every inch of it, no bus rides. I hadnít ridden a bike for 10 years and was 50 years old.

10. The best Olympic moment was watching the U.S.A. beat The Soviet Union in the 1980 ďMiracle on IceĒ Hockey game, with friends in Austria.

11. I believe 50 is the ďNew 35Ē, and thatís how I toasted my ankle, broken in 7 places. After all Brazilian Jiu Jitsu canít be that hard can it?

12. I order to make sense of the future, you need to know the past. Thatís why I like history and old artifacts, adobes, castles and petroglyphs.

I canít take it anymore, thatís it for today!

Curiouoso*, after another long day during which he drove miles and miles and miles, from Power road & University to ďThe Restaurant at the End of the Universe.Ē


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