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2005-01-06 - 6:39 p.m.

No cute animal acts today. Perhaps "Midnite" entries are due to a lack of imagination, but I did try to to express the feeling of our relationship. Hey! It's not THAT kind of relationship!

I sent the "diet" entry out as an email to a ton of friends and got responses that everyone enjoyed it, so that was a nice feeling. I got responses from Sweden, Ireland and San Francisco, which is an odd enough place it might as well be a foriegn country. Some readers here apparently enjoyed it also. I'll try to keep interesting or funny entries coming; at least now and then.

We went looking for new houses closer to the center of Phoenix today, but the only ones less than 300K were 2 story houses up to 2800 sq. feet, but on a lot only marginally bigger than the footprint of the house. So, no pool, barely enough room for a small bar-b-que and hot tub, maybe a four chair table, all overlooked by the second story of the house about 15 feet away.

2 problems: 1. If I wanted a condo I'd buy one and pay less, 2. Why move to the great southwest if there's no outdoor living?

I really like my pool, big patio, BBQ, hot tub, space, space and more space. My preference would be to move further out in the desert. 3 or 5 acres on a little hill surrounded by a natural wall of big spikey cactus, maybe some blackberry briars and poisen oak if you could get it to grow here. A moat (I forgot, no water) or at least a bunch of hidden unfenced vertical mineshafts and that's a nice secure house!

A fat pipe internet connection via satelite, solar panel shingles for private electricity (Here), and my solar heated pool (Here) and hot tub, what more could you want?

Sound good? Curiouoso*


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