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2008-04-05 - 3:59 p.m.

It's Saturday Night - Live from Avondale, AZ - The home of, of, of ??? I guess me!

I've been back a little over a week now, working, I'd say hard, but I wouldn't lie to you over that. Make it worth my while and I'll tell you a whopper or long as you know it's only for the money, or hot phone sex or whatever.

The first leg of my return from Shannon to New York was great, confortable and even fun in a long airplane ride sort of way. (I can't really explain this, Long trips are so fucked up.) Then Rat Ryan and I went to New York city to meet a diaryland friend for lunch. She was everything I thought (and more!). It was quite enjoyable but I'm pissed that I forgot to take a picture. I'm such a sucker for intelligent women, not to mention the added benifit of friendly and attractive. I hesitate to think of the impression I made after 7 hours of cooped up airplane flight and 12 added pounds from eating too good. Some how I don't think that would matter too much to her, as she is very real, not a diaryland avatar thought up by someone who is a person wannabe. In short it was great.

The trip home starting with running so late back to the airport that we only had 10 minutes to checkin, change terminals, get through TSA lines and run down the terminal,
was miserable. Yes we caught our flight, barely, and I actually let loose on a TSA Asshole like I've been wanting too, and didn't get arrested.(!) Perhaps he realized I was so stressed at that point if he even looked at me wrong I was going to go apeshit on him, that he just shut the fuck up when I was in his face. And I was in his face big time.

I'm pretty rested up, but my back is driving me nuts since I got back. The Rat is fine, Amy got a chest infection but is recovering, and the Nickster & Mel made it back to California in perfect shape.

OK, trip over, now misc I meant to write since then:

A young lady we know in Ireland is dating a deaf mute guy. He's real nice and I've come to the conclusion this is a win - win situation. When the bloom is off the rose, she can bitch at him all she wants and he'll never talk back!
Conversely, He doesn't have to listen to it either!

I fixed my sister-in-law's (meter maid) laptop that I brought back with me. It cost next to nothing to fix and it's already on it's way back. I'm such a stud! $93.00 to send it by mail. What a rip!

Yesterday I rode the Bike to work, and on the way home saw a terrible accident right where I exit the freeway. While waiting on the off ramp I saw a motorcycle in the dirt next to an overturned truck, which a number of people looking at it. I was happy to realize that it apparently came from the back of the truck and there wasn't a dead motorcyclist there. That turned quickly to shit when I saw something hanging out the door of the truck, unmoving, with dirty blonde hair. Not Good.

A rhetorical question for you: If you were vising a good friend, married to a very attractive spouse, and he or she said I'll be back in a minute go ahead and watch a movie, and when you turned on the player one was already in there, the two of them starring in thier own porno flic. Keeping in mind this was a mistake not purposeful,
would you 1. watch it for a bit 2. quickly turn it off and get busy with something else 3. Dupe it for later 4. Let he or she know you enjoyed it and suggest a 3 - some?

Just curious....You needn't report your answer.

I have a hard on to buy a new car. I don't want to get behind payments and I don't know what I want, I just do.

Part of me is yelling "convertable sports car", part 'get real, we need a truck, every real man needs a big truck"
My back is screaming "old man's car that's real confortable" and all I (this personality) want is good gas milage and lasts forever.

Curiouoso* best sign off before that raving maniac (tell us how you really feel) takes back over!


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