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2005-12-08 - 7:33 p.m.

By popular demand, my work ID pic.
This was taken 3 months ago. Thr silver flash of hair on my right front is hereditary and has been there since I was 20. I don't like my fat face, and my jowls are slimming a bit since the diet began. Hopefully they will be gone in a few months. Other than that, this picture wasn't bad.

If cocks crow, why don't crows cock? They caw. Hens cackel, pigeons coo. Did passenger pigeons coo too? Oh course we'll never know since man eradicated them in mass last century.

If the bird flu continues our grandchildren won't be asking those questions, they will be asking questions like these: "What were birds like? Were Bluebirds really blue? What was the difference between turkeys and eagles? Did you ever see a bird fly?

If the "Bird flu migrates to humans, there won't be anyone to ask questions at all.

The rumour is it is a ressurected Spanish flu of 1918. If thats true, What kind of monster would purposely wipe out one of nature's groups like birds, just to claim this modified flu jumped to humans from them?

My personal opinion is that bird flu is one strain of resurrected spanish flu, and that they have one waiting in the wings for humans, which they will introduce soon. Otherwise why are all these governments so positive there will be an epidemic? They act if its a given this "random" (and rare) mutation will happen. If it does I wonder if it's modified to only strike certain racial types?

I once read a fiction book where they developed diseases to only strike people with certain genetic markers. I thought that was pure fantasy until I read that such things are not only possible, but existant allready.

If thats the case, I shoulod be OK, since I'm related to the Bushes, but maybe another group will retaliate by releasing one that strikes people with "bush" genes!

Do you think I'm way out there, or that I'm demonizing our "first" family?


I got a paper temp license for the Fiero today. One small step, but still not registered after 8 hours and $72.00, and 1 ticket for driving without a license plate.

And how was your day?



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