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2008-02-11 - 3:32 p.m.

I was going to talk about that project at work, but I'm not sure anyone except Six would relate to the trials and tribulations so I think I'll skip it.

I went to Prescott to see my older brother Ely this weekend. You may recall that I first spoke to Ely in 1974, lost his address and couldn't find him again till 2001 or so. Then he moved and I moved and niether could find the other until late last year. So we've spoken abouit 5 times and Amy and I finally got to go visit him. I felt everything would be good, Ely wasn't sure what to expect.

It was a great time. He and his sig- other like wine, and you know we do! I took 2 bottles up as a gift and we drank them right off. Amy was enjoying the company so much she was keeping right up with Ely and I. Usually our first bottle is 55-45 me, and then 65-35 me on the second. Ely kept opening good wine all night, and since we didn't go to bed till after 1 am, lots of it went down. By all rights I should have felt like warmed over dog shit Saturday morning, but it was a glorious morning. Amy unfortunately disappeared about midnite on Friday, and it wasn't till morning I learned she was sick as a dog that night. I really don't remember the last time she drank so much as to get sick, so it was unusual for her.

In the morning I realized we had killed the better part of 10 (TEN) bottles of wine between the 4 of us!

We all went to Prescott in the morning and went to museums and
Whiskey Row.

We also went to the local Indian casino, where Amy won $150., Rat Ryan won $160., and yours truly lost those amounts together!

We ate lunch at the
local brewery,
which has great beer. We ate dinner there too, where the last of the big spenders spent $260. for dinner. Not too bad, but did we really need the oysters Rockefeller?

Curiouoso* loves oysters and fat shrimp!


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