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2007-12-18 - 9:05 p.m.


Hint curiouoso* was born exactly on the Winter Solstice. (Send Presents)

Check this out! Too cool.

I have this Obession for tools. Every time a Sears ad comes out, I look for the largest set of Craftsman tools they carry, the one with like 450 sockets and 80 wrenches. I just have this hankering to own good tools. A very mild and reasonable pervisity compared to what some people's oddities are!

I think it has something to do with the fact my parents had maybe 1 screwdriver, 1 hammer, and a really old pair of pliers for all other uses.
I used to go borrow "the guy down the street's" drill and bits about twice a week for years till I saved up enough "Blue Chip Stamps" to get my very own Black & Decker drill for free. I had that for at least 25 years before it bit the dust.

Blue Chip Stamps....I bet you haven't seen one of those for years! I think they went the way of the passenger pigeon, and probably about that long ago too. Click here to see what they were! S&H Green stamps.... Here another long gone item.

At work we had our gag gift giveaway today. Luckily I didn't get one of the three rubber chickens (yeah we have a flock of them that just keep coming back every year). You could take someone else's gift and they'd have to pick again. I took a moose in a rocking chair from someone, only to have it swiped from me. I picked a Snoopy in a snow storm, that got swiped too. The next time I got a Bird that crapped pez candy and a set of 5 bottles of hot sauce. I figured that was better yet, but this is the southwest, and a Mexican guy I work with grabbed them. My last draw was a Starbucks coffe gift pack and being so close to the end, I ended up with it. Another co-worker got a finger with nose hair clippers on the end, so it could of been worse. Or I could have recieved the Plastic toliet brush, not exactly exciting. I think I had to go choose a new present more times than anyone else, but that moose just kept traveling around the room. That's what happens if you pick good presents.

Curiouoso* is getting ready for his annual mad dash to the coast for Christmas, so you might not hear from me for a few days. I'll say "Hi" to the Golden Gate Bridge for you! Don't forget my Birthday Present! I'm a Cusp, and you know how grouchy they can get!


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