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2008-08-31 - 10:27 p.m.

We just got back from Las Vegas and I'm beat. I'll tell you all about it tommorow.

Friday at work, I took a break and drove to the park across from the zoo.

As I drove into the parking lot for hikers, I noticed a pickup truck and what looked like window glass beneath it. Suddenly a guy came from the car parked behind it, jumped in, and rapidly left the aea in a very suspicious way. I noticed he had very heavy leather gloves on and was a real scummy looking dude.

After he moved his truck, I noticed the car behind the truck had a busted out window. I immediately realized this scumbag busted out the window and was going to steal something when I arrived. I started after him right away. I chased that bastard all over north Tempe, he running every red light and blowing all the stop signs. I left my cell phones at work and was unable to call the cops. I refused to blow lights and stop signs so I couldn't get close enough to ge the license plate. I stopped to have someone call the cops and then I lost him. I should have kept going until I could knock that bastard off the road! It pisses me off to have lost him cause busting him would help makeup for the busted windshields and fucked up fenders we have all experianced at dickweed's hands like him.

Some said you shouldn't chase him because he might turn and hurt you. Right, that asshole gets out of his truck and I'll run that bastard over, and just go home. Fuck those Junkie motherfu*kers!

Rat Ryan landed a job with the city of Prescott. I'm jealous, to be young, footloose and fancy free in resort type environment? That's great! We'll help him move next weekend or so.

Champaigne taste on a beer budget? Thay's me alright. If I had the cash I'd still try to save money, but the point is, to do the best with what you have.

More on that soon.

Also soon, why I'm setting myself lf up for a broken heart and what can be done about it??

I might start a new diary titled "A Dog Like Dad".

Forget the broken heart. I've been there, done that, and have a whole closet load of t-Shirts!

Amy claims she's going back to California for good soon. I say Sayonara, I can't drive there monthly or anything like that, nor can I afford this house on my own.
We'll see. If it follows previous patterns, all will be good. If not, I don't even want to consider what's next. 28 years is too long to just destroy. but I'm not one to cruise on with out companionship etc.

Curiouoso* poor but not broke, down but not out, tired but not dead.

We went by the house where my Aunt and uncle lived in Henderson today, Someone else has already bought it and is established in their new house.

I want to cry cause they aren't there anymore, but nobody wants a sensitive guy, regardless of what they say.

I'm kick-ass when neccessary and sad at peoples passing. Best (worst) of both archtypes.


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