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2008-07-15 - 11:54 a.m.

I'm at home lazing about today. I didn't sleep at all last night cause the dog was snoring and she snuck right up next to me and snored in my ear. I tried to get her to move to the end of the bed, but it took forever. Have you ever tried to push 50 pounds of unresponsive dog to the bottom of the bed? I didn't think so.... Then when that was done, Miz Amy started to snore like an out of control air compresser. Not a pleasant thought I can tell you.

I got a hold of the shyster lawyer (I know Shyster - Lawyer is redundent) that has glommed onto my drunk-ass brother's accident and has claimed to be representing him to the insurence company. He was going on about how they were denying the claim, etc., but shut up when I informed him I had power of attorney over the whole thing, and unless he had a " letter of Representation" ****Legal Term**** watch out! Curiouoso* knows what he is talking about..... that he should shut the fuck up and take a hike. He said he would.

Shysters who think they can get something for nothing.....

I'm really getting fed up with politicians who do exactly the opposite of what we the citizens want. The clearcut example I'm thinking of is the offshore drilling the "president" just ok'd. On that issue, virtually the entire population of the coastal states are against it. From the Atlantic fishery states, to the states with tourists on thier beaches, to states that have already seen the oil soaked beaches that result, nearly all their residents are adamently opposed, yet the president is the "decider" so he trys to override the peoples wishes.

Hey Mr. Decider, your time is over soon, and with luck perhaps your only deciding will be whether your ASS will be reamed by some lifer or if you'll be Momma that day, and suck 20 diseased prisoners off that day.

We can only hope!

Curiouoso* wants to know, "and how was your day?"


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