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2008-06-14 - 4:22 p.m.

I went on a hike with the girls today. Those would be OurLinda's girls. One came over last night to play bingo and wanted to go see some more petroglyphs. I've takem them a couple times before to see them, and to Indian museums and they had fun. I always try to make it educational because at 11 and 12, they need all the positive feedback they can get. They were in charge of reading the printed instructions on how to get there and for watching out for snakes, scorpions and black widows.

Of course we went in the hottest part of the day, It was about 110 degrees out, and we had to climb straight up from the road 30 feet, then climb a bobwire fence and make our way up a small rocky bluff near the top. It wasn't more than about 300 feet high, but my balence is poor and my feet are braindead these days so hauling myself through and over boulders isn't easy. I need to use my hands alot, and I quickly found out the black, desert varnished rocks were probably 150 degrees! I immediately burned both palms and the tips of my fingers. We did get up there and took pictures while discussing why they would make petroglyphs up there and what it meant.

I felt like heat exhaustion was stalking me on the way down. I resorted to pouring as much water on my head as i drunk, my knees beginning to quiver all the way down. It took 30 miles of air conditioning and a cold smoothie before I felt half way normal. The girls did much better and enjoyed the trip.

We just got out of the pool so now I'm good, except for a swollen nose. I swam to the bottom of the pool with Lulu on my back, and by the time I opened my eyes, I was inches from the bottom diving straight down. I've never swum down that fast (It must of been the girl on my back), and whack right into the bottom, nose and forehead first. I thought I broke it at first but luckily not. I don't want to go there again, the last time was 2 doctor assisted breaks, then surgery and a permanent crease under the skin on my bone from the hatchet. Don't try this, (hitting yourself in the face with a hatchet) at home!

I am sore today from showing the Rat Ryan and his friend up at the gym. The only muscles I ever had that were strong are my legs, so I'm hard at work trying to get them back.

Art and the Rat were doing leg presses with 2 50lb. and 2 25 lb. weights pluss the bar/sled thing which wiehs about 40 lbs. I came over and did mine one legged, 15 reps each leg with the same. That got them competitive cause they were using both legs. They raised to about 225 lbs for thier next reps, so I raised it to about 265 for 20 reps. They gave it up and barely did 10 reps with that. I upped it to 340 for 5 then said the hell with it put another green and yellow on each side. That was 120 more for a total of 15 reps with with 460lbs on there.

So the Rat said he was sore this morning, and I was too, I could hardly move those legs! Maybe I'll try to show them I'm still dad, the BIG DOG, and do 600 next week. (Yeah and pigs fly too).

In case you misread me the other day about "Christian Rock", I'm only against the fake plastic kind, not real songs. I heard Spirit in the Sky (link) today, and it's still a great song. Norman Greenbaum was the cook in Petaluma, CA. at the "Three Cooks Cafe" for a while, and though I ate breakfast there a few times I never asked to meet him, my loss, though I may yet, as he still lives in Petaluma, and we go there often enough.

Years ago I hung out with a couple "Real" Rock stars and saw at least part of the Rock star life, Doing lines with groupie types in the mens room at the Great American Music Hall, pretending we were fucking in the stall, when others came in, and bullshit like that. There's nothing quite as distressing as having the singer of the band announce, "Thank you to Curiouoso*, on the dance floor over there, for keeping us all happy and moving fast tonight!" There's loose and there's too loose, cause loose lips sink ships & Curiouoso's who were paraniod enough without help.

Ah, the bad old days, Fun, yeah maybe, but I don't want to be going back there! Not even to the times like when my Friend and I bought over 30 bottles of Dom Perignon champagne in restaurants in a couple of weeks, just because we liked it. (at $200.00 each)

Time for Curiouoso to eat "dinner". I'm on a diet and 5 pieces of turkey lunchmeat, a bunch of grape tomatoes and a fruit smoothie do not make my definition of a "dinner".


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