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2007-02-16 - 6:33 p.m.

I'm in Chicago trying to get an earlier flight out. It seems to be useless; I tried at 4:00, 6:15, 7:30 and the 8:30 L.A. flight appears to be booked up. I guess I'll be going at 9:30 after all. Running from gate to gate, what a waste. Then after arriving at midnite in L.A., my flight to Phoenix won't leave until 8 A.M. tomorrow. One tired Curiouoso*!

4 A.M. L.A. Been here since 1:00 but the Southwest counters are shut down and they don't open till 5 A.M. as they don't have any flights out till 8. Soon I'll get rid of this luggage and be able to get up to the departure/gate area and hopefully get coffee and breakfast. I just wanna go home and fall into my nice big bed. It's been over 30 hours since I started out with no sleep....Curiouoso* is turning into such a whiner these days!


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