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2007-02-22 - 10:34 a.m.

Weds. I'm mostly recovered from my trip now and working on getting a new contract. preferably a contract to hire. I have about 8 agencies looking and there seems to be lots of work out there. Hopefully I'll get a place that was as good as the last one. I really felt I had friends there.

I've been networking with some other contractors I worked with in the past. Yesterday, a guy I worked with for just a short period applied at the same agency I did. They said he was very complimentary about me and my work. I gave him a good ref too as I enjoyed working with him, and he seemed to know his stuff.

I really need to clean this office up. It looks like The Great Mole Rat paid a visit and tried to make a nest of all my paperwork strewn all over the floor. The desk looks like the KGB came by and "tossed it" while looking for that elusive top secret CD hidden amongst the hundreds lying around.

I need to set up my new computer today. I just bought another $400. worth of crap for it, bring the price to nearly $1500. I'll have a 20" and a 17" monitor hooked to the Vista machine switched with a KVM, to my XP machine, sharing NAS storage of 500 Gig and what ever else can be dumped on the desk. Then I need to find a new home for my Laserjet 5 and the inkjet so I can move around in here.

My ceiling fan has modernistic blue light globes which match one on the desk. I think I need to get another one of those for the other side of the desk and maybe a flourescent blue bar sign too. I don't know how well that would go with the two framed items on opposite walls. One being a May 1900, Spanish American war roster list from Cuba with my Great Grandfather listed on it, and the other his Marriage certificate from October 25, 1903.

Historical things are so cool, especially when they relate to where "you came from" and how you got here.

Curiouoso* signing out for lunch and office cleaning.


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