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2004-06-23 - 7:15 a.m.

"Sacred Cows" like religion, serious illness, great disasters and the like, are often off limits to discuss in any manner other than respect and reverence.

Personally, while having some strong beliefs concerning these topics I've come to the "Fuck em if they can't take a joke" attitude. If life is too serious to consider laughing or alternative viewpoints, something must be wrong.

My father has beginning Altzheimers, I know it's serious and difficult for those who deal with it constantly, but there can be humor in it if we step back for a minute.

One day a friend and I decided to go fishing in a nearby lake. His father (advanced altzheimers) had a boat we wanted to borrow. We went to the house and his father said yes, lets go. We put the boat on top the car when we noticed "dad" looking under the hood. "I looking for my keys", he said. We went in the house to look, when he suddenly found them in his pocket. We spoke to his mother for a second only to notice he was gone. Outside the car was gone also. My friend said I know where he is and sure enough at the end of the block, at the roundabout, his father was driving around and round."Sometimes he forgets where he is going and just keeps going around until we find him", my friend explained. We got his fathers attention and then drove down to the pier by the lake. We unloaded the boat from the car then decided to go over to the pub and use the restroom before we left. When my friend and I got back, his father was tying the boat back on the top of the car, "That was a good day today wasn't it", he said. We said, "Let us get that for you and unloaded the boat again." After getting the poles and getting in, we went off across the lake, around a small island then back the way we came. "A fine day" his dad said, "we must come here again soon." My friend though probably embarrassed, Laughed along with me as we loaded up the boat to go home.

His father died a few years ago, but we still laugh about the "fishing trip". What else can you do?



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