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2004-07-13 - 7:25 a.m.

News Flash!

Weather: Hot and Muggy, Feels like 500 degrees Same old -same old. The Monsoon season Approaches with major dust storm yesterday. I didn't think it was a big deal.

I noticed the diary seems a little too strident...Since no one here knows me, it might be taken wrong. I seem to be leaving somethings unclear. For example: I sent a note with a comment about suddenly becoming an uncle, unexpectedly and about how unfair it is to suddenly "become" one thru no action of your own. It was supposed to be amusing but the recipient probably thought I was crazy as I don't think I hit the right tone. If someone knows you and gets the comment "in person" the nuances and non-verbal cues allow them to interpret the "message" correctly. The written word should be more clear, but when you are as sarcastic and "pointed" as I can be, more context might be needed. SORRY.

On, I saw my ex-wife (1973-1975) listed. There hasn't been any contact and it was an ugly divorce. The immediate cause was my not being able to hear "When I leave, you'll regret it for the rest of your life." anymore. She was "The most beautiful, perfect girl in the world" in her mind, and while I certainly thought near so, No relationship can survive that too long. I call it the "Movie Star syndrome". I believe my own publicity, ect.

So I emailed her, somewhat tentatively, to see what's happened in thirty years. Her reply came immediately, wanting to know more about me, and listing many achievements, wealth, happiness, status. Now I'm in a quandry, Is she still the major manipulator she always was, and still bears a grudge about being rejected (rejection is the cardinal sin for that type of personality), or has she grown over the years into a complete person instead of just an empty shell with a pretty exterior?

If she hasn't changed, what ugly plan is afoot and why would I want to subject myself to it? I emailed her, not the reverse, so perhaps she is really interested.

I am curious none the less, but since I used to think if we ever met again, We would either start fucking like rabbits immediately or kill each other right away, I'm pretty sure I don't need this. Should I let sleeping dogs lie?

Your correspondent with muddled thoughts, Curiouoso*


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