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2004-07-14 - 9:02 p.m.

I emailed pictues of the family and I to my EX (remember, Miss beautiful with no ego(?!)from Hell) and she replied, a bit fast maybe, with her pictures and her phone number. I googled her and some of her story checks out. The wealth part. Maybe I should hit her up for a loan? Nix. This whole thing is potentially turning into a potential major Fuck up for me. How? I don't know but this is the woman that tried to have sex with all my friends after we broke up just because she saw me with Miss British Guiana 1959 (I know that sounds like a stretch, but Pat was barely 16 then (in 59), so she wasn't that much older than me). Then when I said "Hi" in court, started screaming that I was trying to kill her, in court at that! Hey I'm over all that, I never really thought of her all those years (She was Dead, right?) But bitterness runs deep for some, and like some of her chinese ancestors say, "Revenge is a dish best served cold."

So You should see the Picture she sent me! Not bad for 52, obviously she still has that boob job she charged on my credit and forced me to pay for even though by then I never got any benefit from them. Here's the picture She'd probably be pleased if people recognized how sexy she still looks.Now you can give me advice on her motivation?

When I think of these people from the past, It's hard to believe that we are all older now, and how strange that we connected and in what manner. The Song says it all with "What a long strange trip it's been!"

Hoping in 2051 We'll be thinking the same thing(at least still thinking period),



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