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2004-11-12 - 1:40 p.m.

Well I must be losing my touch, whatever little I ever had. I had a number of new readers yesterday, but each only opened the current page. Apparently nobody was interested in browsing further. Oh well......

I always see odd names on rooms at the clinics like "The safer latex" room. Just how safe is the latex in the other rooms? Why is your latex safer in there? Then there's the "injection room" "no please don't inject me! I promise I'll be better, anything but that! Today I saw a woman in the "Patient Representitive" room. Being oh so clever, I asker her, "are you really a "Patient" representitive?" She replied, "Yes, I'm the Patient Representitive." Sensing we weren't on the same page, I tried to put a broader smile in my voice, "Yes, but are you really patient?" "No, I'm not a patient, I work here" in a somewhat irritated voice. I beat a hasty retreat, "Thanks, I'm the computer guy. See you later." Right over her head, shoulda ducked it was so close. I guess I should keep my day job!

I've been working at a site in Sun City this week. Sun City Arizona is an early version of a retirement city. It isn't just a small subdivision, but a whole city catering to retired people. It's right next to Youngtown...Which of course is actually a retirement town. It's a trip out there, the really old people drive golf carts every where. Some have replica car bodies on them to look like various cars.

I asked someone the question I've been wanting to know since I saw the place, (remember I'm curious, Curiouoso*) which is, "Why if you can't drive a 4000lb automobile anymore, would you feel comfortable driving a 500 lb golf cart on the road?" I finally got the answer,to wit, They aren't allowed to drive anymore and have lost thier licenses, but are allowed to drive licensed golf carts to the store and locally.

If you saw the "drivers" you would know why I enclosed "drivers" in quotes. Just today while driving home, the car in front of me swerved to the right at speed, as if to turn the corner, but swerved back over the curb on the opposite side of the street and back into the lane then continued on straight. I thought they had changed thier mind about turning, but apparently not, as they continued on for a couple of miles in the same direction. I'd say continued straight but the next swerve was into the oncoming traffic lane and back so "straight" isn't quite apropo.

I pulled into a parking lot to go to the store and saw a car stopped right in the middle. Cars were going around to the front and rear of it as the elderly driver had decided that was a good place to park. If you can't find a parking spot I guess the driveway entry to the parking lot is as good as any! Another candidate for golf carts.

Once I waited behind a car for 15 mins. then went around him to park in a spot a ways down. Suddenly his horn was honking madly. A guy at least 90 hobbled up to me and said "You stole my parking spot!" Maybe he fell asleep while trying to decide how to park, so I just smiled and said thank you as I walked away.

I think they meant to name it "Sunset City" cause there's a paucity of brain cells there. I shudder to think I'm only 40 years away from there myself maybe I should consider trading my motorcycle for a golf cart in preparation.

It is pretty scary when a friendly couple starts chatting to another person in the doorway of the store, not realizing no one else can leave, when after 10 mins of mutually friendly conversation the other guy suddenly says, "Hey, do I know you?" I expect the first couple said, "Are you talking to us?" The worst part comes when they all go outside and get into the same car!

I'm not bald yet, and that's not white hair. It's just a few strands of pure silver so I'm not dead yet, Curiouoso*


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