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2005-09-09 - 8:30 p.m.

You haven't heard much from me lately about either politics or the N.O. diaster.

I'm trying to be mellow. ??? Maybe that's the wrong attitude. After all is our president really that stupid or is he Fucked up on purpose?

I'm sure glad he's going to investigate what went wrong with the relief responce. Like Nero claiming to investigate who was fiddling while Rome burned! We heard violin music but determined it was comforting to the fire victims!

Amy and I decided to donate a bit more tonight while watching the "Concert." She has already donated at her company who matches 100% any employee donations. I'm going to donate via a Mayo Clinic Employee cause they also match 100%. They already donated $1,000,000. themselves.

BTW, here is a place to donate to breast cancer, , Julie was kind enough to send me a "Livestrong Wristband" for free. Lance is the best so consider donating to her cancer walk, she needs it. I did.

The TV concert brought back many memories. Randy Newman, haven't heard much from him lately, but I've always liked him. Creedence songs, always a good memory. You know in 1969 we were going to have Creedence Clearwater play at ouir Senior ball, but the faculty thought $1000. was way too much for a band. Of course a few months later, Creedence wouldn't have been caught dead playing a high school senior ball, and $1000. wouldn't have bought one of thier roadies! Instead we got a comedian who told poor jokes more suitable for Aged folks on the Borst circuit and a disc jockey. Oh well, life is tough then you die.

Then there was the Dixie Chicks, who you never hear on the radio any more. Some may say they "redeemed" themselves, but they never had to apologize in my book. I too am somewhat ashamed of being American these days with the Fucking Morons claiming to be our leaders! I travel overseas, but now days I use my Irish passport. I don't wish Iraqis harm, and Castro, thanks for offering the doctors. THis whole anti-Cuba B.S. is a bit dated these days. Get over it, Mafia people, you don't control Havana anymore!

I think the whole "neglect New Orleans thing" is racially and poor people biased. Yes, the president doesn't give a Shit about Black people, and for that matter, Condi Rice is acting like she's Hitler's Blue eyed Blonde master race. On TV I never saw her interact with anyone who had skin darker than an Icelandic girl with a modest tan.

BTW, I love Icelandic women. They are too cool. Even Bjork qualifies.

I was hitch-hiking thru Iceland in 1972 during the Spassky- Bobby Fisher chess match, A wierd time, but loved those Icelandic women!

OK, now you have it, I really wonder what is happening to "My America", where it's OK to disagree and you might be getting screwed, but no one would admit it. Now the Fuckers are proud of how they lied us into war and third world status. Where the Vice President says "I had other priorities" as a reason why he didn't go to Viet Nam. Hey, so did I, but no one listened.... Is there a disconnect here?

My current "Priority" is to hope No soldier is killed for Bushit, and we support our troops by bringing them home NOW.

Out of hand again, Curiouoso*
P.S. Try to get me to leave my home (My castle) if I don't want to go and you might have to kick my ASS first. (Luckily that's not an issue here) If I'm going, I'm taking my dog, Midnite, as he's been a member of this family for 14 years, and he's my responsibility, NOT my disposable pet! It's no wonder they need Green Berets, Navy Seals and the like, instead of regular military to evacuate people in New Orleans. P.P.S. I'm sorry, but it just gets me riled up writing about how we as Americans are getting Fucked every day by our own government! Did you buy any $3.50 gas today?


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