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2005-09-05 - 5:43 p.m.

It's Monday afternoon and I'm really dragging. I'd love to nap but it isn't going to happen. A week ago Saturday Amy & I went to a Diet Clinic. They prescribed me some sort of legal speed. Not too strong, but definately making me move a bit faster. Right now I feel like the end of a long speed trip, energy but no motivation and a real desire to just sleep.

So far I've lost 9 lbs, but that could be just not eating much and the new job's constant walking here & there.

The negative effects on my mood have been minimal and till now no dragging or insomnia.

We didn't do too much this weekend except a small party at Amy's coworkers, but that was fun. For one Julie is a total fox and fun to be around, and two, I met a doctor there who is also 53 and is dating Julie's girlfriend Callie, 35. I really got on well with this guy so I'm thinking He'll become a good friend. Callie seems nice as well, so perhaps we'll all do some fun things.

Tomorrow is my interview for the California job. I'm ready but really conflicted. Is this what I want? We've moved twice in 14 years...that's twice too many in my opinion!

I'm also finding it hard not to spend my next few paychecks on Stuff....I want to build a new computer, I want to finish some things on the Fiero (like a new paintjob), and I want to do some stuff to the motorcycle. Each of the above things cost money that I wanted to save, maybe $4500. bucks. It's just that instant gratification thing. We also discussed getting a refugee in the spare room, but I think decided now was not a good time.

Amy will be off to Ireland on the 29th, I'd love to somehow plan something fun while she's gone but I'm just too lazy.

Sayanara, Curiouoso*


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