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2007-09-03 - 2:17 p.m.

The call:

Ring, Ring.


Hi is my sister there?

Which one?

Amy, Is Amy home? I want to speak to her for just 5 minutes because we are watching the All Ireland match and there's only a 5 minute break.

Amy it's for you...

Hello, Oh Norine how's everyone? You're watching the All Ireland? Who are you rooting for? Ireland? Who is winning? The Irish? What, they are behind 2 goals and 3 pints? I don't understand... Oh the Irish just won another pint? Well who gets to drink it? Do they take a break and share? Oh, points.. I didn't think they'd play for pints...Now I see, it's Galway against Kerry, I guess the Irish are winning and losing....The 5 minutes are up? Well call me back and tell me how everyone is doing, OK? bye.

Ever notice that you used to talk about how the kids are doing and what vacation plans are? Now it's more about what the kids vacation plans are and who has what illness...

Nora has a sprained ankle and is off work. Well Tom has a broken ankle in 3 places but is going back to work anyway... Too bad, but Damien has had a mild heart attack and was in the hospital for two days....I can trump that, Mattie had a brain emboulism while tending the sheep near Paulo Wye (The big hole) and no one found her for 3 days, after she got out of the hospital she couldn't speak normally for three weeks, she could only bleat like a lamb! Yeah? Well Patrick fell into Paulo Behan and they only found him when he popped out of a holy well in Cahir! Looked right as rain to me too!


No, I can't go. I'm stuck here taking care of His Nibs.

His Nibs? I think I just got a promotion, I used to just be Gov'nor, as in ask His Guv'nor over there.

Hiz'zoner thinks he'll take a nap now...Wench! a little help with my bed clothes please!


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