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2008-10-05 - 6:07 p.m.

The Cardinals on today. I guess for big football fans that's a reason to celebrate.

went to the doctor friday to find out why my feet are getting progressively more numb. I am being scheduled for tests to see if I'm pre-diabetic, low on vitamins, have clogged veins in my legs or just having "wierd numb toes symdrome." OK, I made the last one up, but why not? It's as good a guess as any.

I realized I can't make the Tombstone weekend, because that's the same weekend We'll be in California. Mr. Nicaragua might not even go now with all the changes he's going through.

He had two houses, and is current on the loans, but being underwater by 100,000 dollars on each, he decided to move to larger one and mail the key back to the mortgage company on the other one. It looks like that's what I'll do one of these days if they won't let me short sell it to go to California. I can pay my loan also, and I'm only $60,000 underwater on mine. I really don't want to do that because I like my house. I planted all those cactus in the cactus garden. My Saguaro has grown from 5' to 8' tall, my 2 San Pedro cacti were 8" tall in coffee cans when I bought them. Now I have 4 that are 6' tall. My assorted Cholla are pretty big now and the various prickly pear types have really filled up the space I alloted them. My pool is still clean and beautifully blue, why would I want to give these away and move?

I'm closing out one of the 401k rollover accts tuesday to pay off bills and then I'm either going to buy a new car with great gas milage or maybe buy a car I've always wanted. So far I've looked at a Studabaker Avanti or Avanti ll, a Jenson and a Jenson Healy, The Jenson intercepters were kind of pricy and looking for my old favorite Austin Healys was non- productive. I saw a 1954 100-6 for $16,000.

and it wasn't running and only 50% restored! I sold my 1956 100-4 in cherry condition with a 350 horse chev 350 in it for $3000.! I also looked for the Avenger mid engined kit car from the 1960's but that too was a no go. I'll always remember one for sale when I was about 16, with a mid engine Chev v-8, probably a 400 ci. How I wanted that bad boy!

I'm looking at saturn skys or pontiac solstice convertables but the good one is 30K and I just can't see spending that kind of money.

Amy said I can't buy a Jenson Healy, so I said then I forbid you to move to California, LOL, you can imagine where that ended up! Basically I told her she has no say in the matter...It's my car and she's not driving it!

Maybe she ought to just move to California RIGHT NOW!

Curiouoso* thinking of needing a sports car soon!


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