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2008-10-08 - 4:13 p.m.

Programmers...Who knew? Criticize thier "baby" and you'd think you stabbed thier mother.

Yesterday one of ours (actually a nice guy) started throwing a hissy fit like a pre-adolescent girl wit a zit on her nose.

We are using an application that needs data updates every day. Somehow the data being extracted from other apps started corrupting each day a couple of weeks ago.

Our programmer created a new directory for it and then manually updated the data in our usual update directory. (I know this can be hard to follow but stay with me). So the situation was we had two places to obtain each days data from, the regular location, with the manual updates, and the new test location with automated updates. Somehow the other day, due to an unrelated error, we realized that the two locations were exactly opposite. The regular one was automatic and the test one was manual.
We called a phone meeting to clarify this. Our programmer told us that we were wrong, the old location was manual and the test location was automatic.

I discussed thia with my colleagues and we all agreed that was not right. We had the proof it was working the opposite way. This is important for us to get the correct data.

I decided to send an email for one last clarification using my best communication techniques from this this seminar I took years ago. It read, "I'm sorry, I'm a little confused, If I heard you correctly, you said ....."

Immediately an answer came back that savaged me! "No I said ...." (The exact opposite of what all three of us heard him state in the meeting.

We had a short discussion and agreed that that couldn't be right because of the way we set up one location as the "test" location. The guy that works closely with the programmer said he would try for clarification with an apologetic email.

One again the answer came back stating that We shouldn't be anywhere near the test directory so why were we concerned? besides He knew what was going on and if he made changes to his testing, such as which directory was being updated which way, it had nothing to do with us!

Once again we talked it over. Mr. Anal was fit to be tied and said, "You don't want me sending the email this time!" I was bemused because I couldn't figure out what set him off but I wasn't severely pissed off cause I knew it wasn't me. Our data specialist was confused because he works with the programmer all the time and his email had just come back with this.

We agreed maybe it was the anniversary of him burning his house down while weeding, (remember that, where it was a national story including nominations for the Darwin award, making him a laughstock of pundits everywhere? HERE ) and HERE,

"Man trying to kill weeds ends up burning home" feb 08.

so we just gave it up till next week.

I think I'll give up on the Namby-Pamby stuff and go back to my old style of being a cross between a "tank" and a "grenade". thats where you roll right through obsticals and explode violently on everyone and everything that gets in my way! It's much more satisfying on a deeper psychological level to charge the enemy and take out as many as possible before you go down yourself!

Curiouoso* hears "Charge!" right now! Sorry this isn't done!


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