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2007-07-08 - 3:06 p.m.


I decided to give away the world today!
(Actually an earth stressball, so if you would like it, you know the routine; and say please!)

10 years ago We packed up the car full of camping stuff and the kids and left for a road trip. Las Vegas first, then the Grand Canyon, Phoenix, Albuquerque, Acoma, then on to Carlsbad Caverns. On our way I saw a TV program about Roswell, N.M. and took a vote if anyone wanted to stop and see the U.F.O. museum and the crash site. It was a resounding YES, so we took a slight detour arriving July 8, 1997, the 50th anniversary of the crash! (Actually of the famous Roswell Press release stating a "Flying Disk"
had been found). Our picture ended up on the front page of the San Francisco Newspaper, walking in front of the Roswell museum.

Today was the 60th anniversary, which brought back memories of that trip. Melanie, then 16, was practicing
driving in Northern Arizona on a freeway when the left front tire blew out at 80+ mph. We were going around a sweeping bend slightly down hill. In the back I said calmly, "take your foot off the gas and try to steer as straight as possible as you coast to a stop. Amy and Ryan were screaming, but Mel stayed calm. Everything looked Ok as we were in a straight shot towards the edge of the freeway, when I noticed we were aimed right towards a VW bus parked on the shoulder with 2 German tourists standing behind it, eyes wide open, mesmorized by our speeding approach. Luckily Mel managed to stop less than 20 feet behind them giving all of us major relief.

Changing, then buying a new tire put us back on the road to the Grand Canyon, a few hours later. Mel learned how to control a car at high speed while missing a front tire and became a better driver. The rest of us just lost a few years off our lifespan!

This was our much beloved car that would later become known as "The Deathtrap" since it only would turn right not left, and had a penchant for not stopping very fast if at all. All good training for beginning drivers.

Some other highlights of this trip included the kid's first visit to The Waffle House, Tenting during a Severe Summer storm that had every one but Mel and I take shelter in thier cars, and only lightning striking in front of the tent as Mel was about to abandon me too, changed her mind. Perhaps the tent in front of us suddenly ripping it's stakes loose and flying away like Dorothy's house had a slight impact on her also, but we were/are Macho, right? Badges? We ain't got no badges. We don't need no badges. I don't have to show you any stinking badges.

On the way home in Death Valley, Rat Ryan was Driving, practicing at 13, when he knocked the muffler off the death trap, but we continued on, not disabled like a few days previously, when the death trap's fuel pump took a shit. Travel insurance fixed that one so we did make it home.

Yeah, they don't make road trips like that any more, but I've bored you enough with old memories so,
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