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2004-12-19 - 9:01 p.m.

Here's a page that I found after the last entry:
The Center for Chihuahua Exploitation

Here's the most embarrasing incident of 2004:

Top it if you can!

I was visiting my friend Big Bob in San Francisco, staying in his 1 bedroom apt. We had gone out bar hopping the night before and he returned home with a young (21) cutie. I was sleeping in the front room next to his desk and computer. They woke me up in the morning and said they were going out and would be back shortly. After they left I considered getting up - for about a half an hour till I actually decided it was time. I was sleeping "Au Natural" as usual. I got up and sat down at the computer as he had told me I would really want to check it out. I was intending to check my email but when the desktop came up I couldn't resist the icon labeled "check this out, Paris at her best!

The video clip came up and of course it was Paris Hilton trying to be a porn star. As I was watching it, A sudden urge came over me due to my drinking the night before. I ran to the bathroom and plunked on the throne just in time. Of course since no one was home I left the door open and Paris was still audibly performing in the front room. A key rattled in the doorlock....It seemed quite loud to me. As the door began to open I yelled,"No! Wait!" I leaned forward and nudged the door shut.

In a moment I sheepishly went out in a towel and collected my clothes....somewhat near the still running computer. My friend had a somewhat amused look to his face as he asked, "Paris was that good?" The sweet young things face told a story of amusement and disbelief displayed together as I explained, "Come on, It's not what you think!" "Sure!" they both said together while looking from Paris in the skin to me in my towel and my clothes so near the computer.

Still red.....Curiouoso*


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