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2008-10-12 - 8:34 a.m.

Today we did the Susan Koman "Sleep in for the cure."

It was supposed to be the "Race for the cure", but I don't run so we decided to walk for the cure. Amy asked me a few weeks ago if I wanted to go walk with her company, and I said sure. she asked me If I could make it, and I replied, "Of course, it's only 3 miles."

We got the t-shirts and the numbers etc., and I was excited we could get our pictures together. In all the charity events I've done, I've never had the "official" picture. They either never took me, it came out bad or someone else was front and center and I was off in the corner of the picture.

Yesterday while cleaning the back yard, Amy turned her ankle. After a few minutes it seemed OK. But this morning, she could barely hobble to the bathroom, and as for walking 3 miles, she will be lucky to walk for breakfast in the kitchen!

So we "Slept in for the Cure!"

Curiouoso* is getting excited about going to the lake Thursday! That's Thursday the 24th! My BAD!


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