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2005-04-05 - 7:01 p.m.

So sometimes when people get on a tear you can't beat em so you might as well join them. Amy was on just that sort of steamroller so my son and I reluctantly painted a couple rooms.

I thought the reason, visitors, was lousy and the timing, less than a week left, poor, but now it's done and it looks ok. We arranged various original art to match the colors. When we moved here I demanded we get rid of all the prints and replace them with real paintings. We also had a few more profesionally framed. Framing....Now that's a racket! The paintings look so much better, but expensive!

Besides, I get what I want quite a lot, so Amy should get what she wants as well. Preferably, we both get what we want together, but you can't argue with 25 years of marriage, right?


So do you believe everything you read? Of course not, but I'm really sick of hearing, "If it's on the internet it can't be true."

I'm beginning to believe that the more outlandish the story sounds the more likely there's truth behind it!

I'm usually one who has to see or experiance things for myself before I'll truly believe something. I.E. I went and touched the Berlin Wall when it was dividing Berlin to really believe the things I read about.

On the internet you hear a lot about Area 51, guards, etc. So I went there and "probed" the boundries, sure enough guys in Cammo showed up quickly and watched with binoculars. I spoke with the residents in Rachel,Nv., and read in Las Vegas about a resident being arrested by the F.B.I. soon after I left, for doing something he'd described to me.

Variouos information on the net is why I ordered 5 more books online recently, to crosscheck thier info with some of the web stories. Good, thorough, research can be frustrating on the web, when multiple stories dovetail into a single source, more convoluted than the origen of an urban legend.

So what do you believe?


I gave blood today, the method by which they take 2 pints, get the good stuff out, red blood cells or something, and return what looks like a freshly tapped beer or conversely piss after taking vitamins, and punp it back into you. It takes about an hour and a half but was OK. I know I swore to never go back last time, but I got another begging call and decided I really need to give back something to the community. Time for dinner, and Curiouoso* is hungry! Bye!


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