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2005-04-04 - 8:37 p.m.

We all know there's no rest for the wicked, but why? Whats the point of being "the wicked" if you can't get something for it?

I got home this weekend with the idea of a few days taking it easy till a new contract, but no, Sunday was a "lets paint the house day". A "lets paint the house day"???? Pray tell why? I mean it's a new house for Gods sake, a new house! What's with that? Sterile white's not good enough for ya?

No, we have to be daring, Adobe Red and the ever Arizonan pueblo tan in the kitchen. Hey the walls are going to get dirty soon enough without painting then Dried mud (Adobe) brown now.

And in answer to why? Your mothers coming to visit friday and I told her I was going to paint someday! Hey Dearest so paint your ass off! Just leave me out of it! But no, this is an equal opportunity marriage so I have to work my ass off all week. Wait, I remember for richer or poorer but not for painting or sterile white.....

All painted out, your Curiouoso* reports in.


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