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2004-12-22 - 3:27 p.m.

I'm on another road trip to Ca. Stressfull? Yes, and on my birthday (12/22) at that. The problem is that we have three drivers in the car; each with thier own driving style. Headstrong, brash and rash, the teenage boy; Paranoid, too cautious and a backseat driver, Amy; Reasonable, prudent, cool calm and collected, not to mention a gentle man and a scholar....Me.

This leads to madness, insane snits and excess impolite discourse. At least we all end up in the same place though I felt like loosing one or more passengers along the way!

We are staying at Tomas' house while he is in Costa Rica checking for retirement places, Away from the progressively Nazi U.S. Government. Perhaps Amy & I will join them there if civil rights continue to deteriorate here.

Someone elses house (or car) is a unique experience. An older house may have slightly shabby parts that the owner doesn't notice. The outside maybe perfect and look great, while the inside may have slipped a little over the years. Conversly, the outside might be getting unattractive while the inside remains warm and friendly. Outsiders notice things that the inhabitants never see.

I wonder about the correlation between my "older" body and the things I no longer see, that stick out like sore thumbs to the world at large. Do people see my personality as a fixer upper? How many don't bother to get to know me and if they do sometimes shudder at the result? Old friends cut lots of slack, but new ones seldom do.

Ask yourself if your body is your house, what would you see as a new tenant? I'm sure any faults are easily remedied in the new year.

Merry Christmas, Curiouoso*


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