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2004-12-28 - 7:55 a.m.

The diary is unlocked with just one entry removed. It's probably a good thing I was proactive about changing it prior to being "ordered to" (if that would have happened)as I am notoriously intransigent about being "told" to do anything. Ask me, maybe; order me, unlikely; try to force me, especially with rights, such as free speech, Go take a flying F***.

Yes, It's true. I was brought up believing this was a free country and We were free people. Recent history has shown that perhaps the educational system exagerated a bit. As I grew up and and experianced things like the Draft, Taxes and silly "laws" with no representation of the will or permission of the average person, I began to doubt how many "rights" we actually had.

Still I felt we were basically free with guarenteed rights under the constitution. Rights that were sacrosanct.

Then I felt we had basically "Free Speech" as long as it was not too "public" if unpopular. Too much attention to an unpopular or anti government position results in increasing pressure of one sort or another to modify or be quiet. Only those with power or wealth have a limited immunity, though with a "public forum" they would come to the attention of "the powers that be" just that much quicker. Witness the reaction to the Dixie Chicks statements last year. That attack was orchestrated and led by radio stations and other media who hyped it for reactions and publicity, as they do any "News" story that brings audiances.

Now it appears our civil rights are going to be restricted blatantly and openly. Where is America? Didn't people grow up like me with the belief that we are guarenteed certain rights under the constitution, We can go where we want, do what we want, believe what we want, free from interference in our own personal way, time and space?

I was brought up to believe only totalarian "evil" governments restricted thier citizens like they were criminals and terrorists. Secret trials, secret arrests, trial in absentia (What about the right to confront your accuser?) Secret laws and evidence against you???? Where is your ID (papers)? Where are you going? Why? Why do you have cash money? It's manditory we drug test you to work, even as a day laborer. Has any of your friends, relatives or aqaintences been arrested? You can't live here, you must move. Didn't take your garbage can in quick enough after garbage day or neglect to remove your christmas tree lights before Jan 1? That's a homeowner association fine! By the way remove that political sign from your yard, it's not allowed here.

Maybe we need to make some changes, and soon.

Confused a bit by all this, Curiouoso*

P.S. I don't take take drugs or have anything to hide, do take in the garbage and keep the house pretty pristine, as well as obey most laws, but I resent the Hell out of all this crap! As you can see, just writing this has pissed me off royally! Should I take a chill pill or go kick some Ass (metaphorically)?


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