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2006-02-17 - 5:23 p.m.

I must be a grouch today - a poor opinion of the human race. Work was fine, everyone nice and no problems, so I left at 3pm as I am wont to do on Fridays. I even got to Avondale quickly. I was pleased to hear that, I think it was about 30,000 people set off the new speeding traffic cameras on the freeway during the "no ticket" trial period. I believe there was a few hundred clocked over 100 mph, Me and the bike one of them. And No, they couldn't read the license plate in the new position either. You have no clue how hard I worked to set that off at 100+ mph during rush hour! For a couple days I tried but traffic was just too slow. Then one day there was a quarter mile of light traffic so I pulled out the stops and went for the century mark. Just a test you know....I'm jealous that 1 person was clocked at 130 MPH! Must a been the middle of the night.

Anyway I pulled into a gas station and while pumping gas, some sleazeball came up and said, Can you help me out with a dollar for gas?" I just said, "No thank you". I'm always polite the first time, after that it's the evil eye, killer look, and "Get a job, Asshole!" As he went to hit up the next person, a young kid, maybe 10 started to ride away on a very ratty bicycle much to large for him. The sleazeball suddenly yelled, "Hey you, get off my bike" and went chasing the kid down the block! Some gas money!

Then I went into the store to buy a lottory ticket( I forgot to pick the right numbers last time), 375 million, in the bank. Well it would be, if I can ever get to the counter. In front of me some douchebag, obviously too flakey to get a bank account, was counting out money for money orders for all his bills, one at a time. Oh yeah, he seemed to have trouble counting past ten, because he kept starting over. You probably know how long it takes a highly motivated minimum wage clerk to fill out all the money order paperwork in triplicate for 10 money orders.

I could go on and on, but I'm home now and a high class Merlot is in the glass in front of me; or was, as I now hold it in my stomach. MMM, the scent of popcorn shrimp lingers in the air mingled with fresh french bread, spinich cheese and artichoke dip, and a fat vegetarian lasagna. I'm hungry now.

Curiouoso* thinks it's time to pour some more of that high class(?) 4 litre box of merlot in the glass! Corks are just tradition you know and don't fit in cardboard boxes good!


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