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2005-01-02 - 8:15 p.m.

The Plan:

Here we are, gearing up for tomorrow, the first business day of 2005, and officially the return to Diet Days!

Yes, contrary to what you might believe I’ve officially decided that resolutions must be ratified and placed into effect no later than the first business day of the New Year.

See how I made that negative, “you haven’t started your diet yet!” into a positive, “Diet Grand Opening Day”? KMART hasn't got anything on me! With any luck some Chinese astrologer will inform me post haste that it’s not auspicious to start new endeavors (especially diets) on January Mondays during the year of the Rooster.

Actually, I think I should start right away, since this is the year of the Cock, and if I want to get a little for a change I should probably lose enough weight to at least be able to see the thing to make sure it’s ready! (Note that clever diversion from Astrology to sexual intimations, something this diary, not to mention me, has been severely lacking.)

Hah! I just realized what I left off my resolutions this year, learn and practice tantra yoga! I’ve been dying to say “Let me slip ya the big lingam, baby!” for a long time.
I used to have a girlfriend who’d say “I want the lingam now!” That being in the “Marin County” years, I just figured it was some beautiful people lingo. In case you don’t know Marin County, It’s just north of San Francisco, Rich, Pretentious etc. You know, Janis Joplin, Robin Williams, Grateful Dead, George Lucas’s Skywalker Ranch, Mt. Tam the birth place of Mountain Biking and Hot tubs, that sort of stuff. Click here to go to A cool link A cool book/movie: "Steve Macnamara, the editor of Pacific Sun in Mill Valley, traces Marin's current reputation to a famous column run in his paper in the 70s called The Serial, which chronicled the fictitious happenings of the county in a gently satiric way. It became a book by Cyra McFadden and a 1980 film, starring Martin Mull and Tuesday Weld and with a terrific performance from Sally Kellerman. "We satirised the excesses of the county," said Macnamara. But a subsequent NBC documentary on Marin took much of the satire at face value. "Ever since then, people have come to the county with their stories already written," he said." Click me!

Marin was also the subject of a 1970’s TV Documentary with a elderly lady in a hot tub being fanned by young studs with palm fronds. Yeah it was a good life, Drugs Sex and Rock & Roll!

Sorry – I think I got off topic for a moment…… Speaking of the intersection of the famous Hot tub parties and my stomach…..I was at one in Fairfax one sunny day, surrounded by lovely ladies “in their birthday suits” when I was rebuffed by one who said something about my “beer belly”. I replied somewhat testily, “That is NOT a beer belly, that is a fine wine belly, and it took a lot of fine wine to grow it!” She replied, “Well it’s about time you harvested it!” Damn, one-upmanship at it’s worst.

Ok, Ok, I can hear my D-lander friends moaning out loud TMPI, TMPI!

Too much personal Info, isn’t that what diaries are all about?

TMPI, TMPI, TMPI.... Curiouoso*


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