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2008-08-08 - 9:10 p.m.

I thought it was over, but the fat lady has NO Intention of singing yet!

I haven't updated for a short bit, cause I was spoiling you all with daily updates on the "World of Curiouoso*". And I know that if you read too much about that, you'll start seeing what a shallow useless life we live around here and start feeling superior, etc. After that you'll just abandon me for someone more interesting, like you know, Down Under's Best, Miss Hiss. Ok, OK, I'm still jealous of her great writing!

So my brother Rinaldo showed up Tuesday to pick up Mom and was supposed to take her home the next day so he could get back to California and attend a Linkin Park concert at the Shoreline in Sunnyvale, Saturday.

I was so excited, only to have my hopes cruelly dashed when Rinaldo found out that Linkin Park was playing just a few miles away from here at The Cricket Wireless Pavillion in Glendale on Thursday. He bought tickets for Rat Ryan and himself and told mom they'd leave Friday Morning. The last few days were OK, but Mom and Rinaldo were both complaining to me about each other constantly, so at least I began to look like a hero (in comparison) again.

They left this morning around 7:00, and being at work at 4:00 I expected a good bye we are leaving call, but they just drove off into the sunrise. Or I should say Mom drove off into the sunrise....Rinaldo somehow lost his wallet and license, and she decided he wasn't driving at all on the way home. "My car will get impounded and my insurance won't be valid." I didn't even try to persuade her that was crazy and she should let him help drive, she was dead set in her ways on this one!

You need to reread this whole tale again for the last few entries, and consciously laugh. Only then will the truth about how nutty this whole thing is/was and I give you explicit permission to laugh your ass off at us! Otherwise we'll all just cry ourselves to death.

I mean Rinaldo's bad back has driven him to (it appears) abuse his medicine and drink overcaffinated sodas all day to the point of wandering around half nuts and spaced out. Peter Wheater is so broken up from the accident he can't go see his street people friends so they come see him and bring beer and Meth. He's having non-stop parties since Mom's been gone involving scads of naked homeless sluts and strange denizens of the drug world. Not wanting to really piss off Mom, like last time when she got home to find him crashed out in her bed with two (2) nude women, he asked Rinaldo to call him when they were 4 hours out, so he could get rid of everyone and clean up. He called me and asked me if they were driving straight thru and getting home tonight. I said I didn't know cause no one told me, but since Mom was driving all the way herself, they would probably stay halfway and get there tomorrow. He agreed and since Rinaldo never called, partied on like FADED Rock Stars. You guessed it, Rinaldo's phone went dead, he couldn't call, and Super Grandma drove 14 hours straight thru! Insert ROFLMAO here!

Mom called and was hysterical that 3 homeless children were swimming in the pool with some woman with only 2 weeks to live (?) and bunches of people were washing clothes and parting!

She said Rinaldo was driving them all home, or to thier respective vacant lots, including the 2 weeks to live girl, and never came home.

I tried to lighten up the conversation by saying, "Hey, at least it will be a short relationship!" which only provoked more hysterics! Amy took over and got her earfull but managed to calm Mom down.

I'm about the only sane one left, and that won't last past Mom's next visit either!

So how was your day????

If Curiouoso* makes it though this weekend I think he might need a few more days off!


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