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2005-08-14 - 3:39 p.m.

Hello banner people! Cheap Click Trick seems to be enticing you in.

Please read a few old ones as well as new ones. And for the rest of you, here's a chance to catch up on some you missed. These days the old diary seems to be scattered in content. Not too much politics lately, some "what's going on" entries, and misc. "Midnite the Minority Dog" stuff, like yesterday.

Here's some of my favorites on this page: "The best of Curiouoso".

Thanks for checking me out. Come regularly! Curiouoso.

This is the #1 requested Curiouoso* page on google. Some days 6 or 7 people from all over the world find it. Why? who knows. They just do. Lot's of pictures. HERE

This is a companion page but no one ever googles it. Why not? HERE

This one has pictures too. Ever wonder what happens to ex-wives? HERE

My first entry, The Virgen entry, also gets googled alot. Must be the title. HERE

Mr Midnite Entrys: HERE , HERE , HERE Love my dog!

MY Favorites: The three bears >, HERE , Good Luck, HERE & >, HERE Embarassed with Paris Hilton >, HERE , my diet entrys: >, HERE , & >, HERE , How I feel at weddings HERE ,
Desert HERE , and last but not least my Magic Notepad HERE , and of course Marrying off the boy! HERE .

That should keep you busy!


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