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2005-02-13 - 10:33 a.m.

Another FINE Week..... Dictionary: 2 entries found for recently. reĚcent ( P ) Pronunciation Key (rsnt) adj. Of, belonging to, or occurring at a time immediately before the present. Modern; new. Recent Geology. Of, belonging to, or denoting the Holocene Epoch. See table at geologic time. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Middle English, new, fresh, from Latin recns, recent-. See ken- in Indo-European Roots.] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- recenĚcy or recentĚness n. recentĚly adv. It's 11 Am Sunday and it's time to post or miss for another week. I've been avioding this all weekend as I didn't want to subject anyone to solid whining again. Oh Well...Let the whining begin! Please don't expect clarity or coherence I might still be somewhat dazed from thursday night.

As you know, I don't go to bars much, no one I hang out with has ever been much of a bar person. Special occaisons with friends, airports, or the very rare time is about it. Thursday was a going away dinner for one of the techs at Randy's (a permanant employee, tech) house. It's another one like mine, owned by the company, but a little bigger. He pays $175.00 a month that includes maid service. So 6 of us went for a steak bar-b-que, then somehow I was convinced to retire to the local bar for a pool tournament. I don't play pool, especially when totally ripped. It might have been "air pool" with no equipment for as successful as I was, not.

Actually, for being a Mining town, with lots of hard drinkers, it was pretty fun. "Florida", got thrown out within 2 hours for flipping off the bartendress, My housemate left early, by 9:30, sick from "too much alcohol???? , But "Rock Star" the party honoree and the other 3 of our group lasted till closing. One of the high points of the evening was somehow getting the number 151 impressed into my brain and trying to order a shot of said rum at the bar. The bartendress, (is that correct?) said she had to serve it mixed with a coke or other soda, why I'm not sure, so I said "look I've got 15 bucks for 1 shot of straight 151, OK?"
She declined, so "Wyoming", a guy next to me, said "wait, Here's 30 bucks for one shot!" Also declined by both bartendesses. It's our job, they both explained. So we took them mixed and passed them out to the rest of the group. I heard in the morning We did the whole bottle. I did have a very meaningful conversation with an attractive hispanic woman at the bar in which we married off her cute 19 yr old daughter to my 20 yr old son as an arranged marriage, but before the "dowry" could be consumated ( I wanted it paid in kind, not money, which was exactly what she wanted! ), A rather tall unspecified relative of her husband hustled her away with some vague intimations of big firearms and other major life changing experiances.

Friday, only my house mate and I showed up for work on time, 4 missing of 8 or 9 techs is not a big turn out and since mentally the both of us were missing in action, it wasn't a stellar performance. 12 noon and departure time couldn't come quick enough.

As it was raining, I scrupulously drove home, slowly, perfectly, lights on, etc. I still got pulled over and given a "warning" by a real dick, this time, for obscuring my license plate!, a plastic anti-camera cover, that has been there for 5 years with nary a problem. This guy was another "wet diaper baby", rude and obviously egotistic and an english professor too. Yes, I said I had no idea that was a problem as I had just moved here recently, whereupon he went back to his car and called in, then came back and stated, "November 2003, is not recently!" What a fucking dick! I guess he had a doctors degree in "coomon usage and meaning of the English language"!! He also informed me he would be looking for my car to check it out in the future.

Sorry, but one more bitch about that dick, When he pulled me over he said get out of the car and come here (in the pouring rain). We went to the back of my car and he said "what do you see?" "I don't know, the back of a fine looking Fiero?" "your license plate is illegal!" Really? I see that I'm dripping wet because of your power plays, ya fuck!

It wouldn't be the first time I was wet last week. The weather man said fine weather for Sunday last, so I decided to ride the motorcycle back. For 100 miles that was a great prognostication. After that, the next 150 miles proved the weatherman was incompetant. Rainy, freezing weather with me riding merrily along soaked to the bone, knees and teeth chattering uncontrollably.

After I drive home weekends I can look forward to a day and a half of peace, quiet and no stress, right? There I was, looking forward to doting on my long awaited paycheck, all $3000. secure in the knowledge Amy also deposited $1100 that week. I like to know there's some thing in the bank for a few days prior to divesting myself of my paycheck. Upon checking, I found that Dear Amy, now paying the bills for the last 3 weeks, had managed to not only spend the whole $4100. in the bank, but also $500. from savings and had checks outstanding for another $600.! And I haven't shopped for next weeks grocerys up there and no gas in the car!

It wouldn't have been such a shock had I not figured at least $1000. left with no overdrafts.

We went to a garage sale right near her work and found the house was soon going on the market. 3 car garage ( my want list) 4 bedrooms with a kitchen 3 times the size of ours, a perfect neighborhood and NO HOMEOWNERS ASSN! 2600 sq. feet with room for a pool. $ 275 thou.!! I had just agreed to consider it for Amy, when the above financial abortion came to light.

So how was your week?



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