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2005-02-16 - 7:09 p.m.

I have internet! I have Internet!

I finally got satelite internet at my home away from from home. It actually has pretty good thruput. Now I can keep up with all my diaryland "friends" and thier latest scandals, lovelife stuff, life and whatever. Don't let me get lonely out here. send me notes!

My first away from home post: Hump day is over! I have to decide whether to chance that bar again thursday (not drinking this time) or leave well enough alone....

Saturn, Uranus, Jupiter and any other number of unpleasant celestial objects must be stuck in my house of misery at work or something. I'm not saying this week sucked but check the list of stuff: I left the lights on in one of the trucks which permanantly killed the batterey and left me stranded for hours for a tow truck that never came; so I was late for my appointment for the internet install that cost me $50. more than quoted, and the guy never showed anyway; When I did get there I found I lost my house key and had to go back to the scene of the dead battery to get another; Then lots of stuff didn't work at work. Ugly.

We haven't got anything done on the project I was hired for so I asked my boss if we would probably get extended for a year at this rate, and he said,"Would that be a problem?" So maybe that's some potential good news there.

Other good news: I'm down 3 pounds last week, finally back in last year's weight range. Now I just need to lose 11 more to get into this years goal range. I took a clue from "Marn" and have been keeping track of miles at the gym, 67 so far!

One of you mentioned how typical men are, to think women at the gym are sexy. Guilty as charged, but I'm not into chatting them up or staring so I have some sembalence of redeeming qualities. Personally I'm in to "20 second love affairs". That's where you might catch someones eyes at the same instant they catch yours, and both of you simultaneously think "what if" or "Thanks for the visual stroke", and then move on about your business. Don't think of it as unrequited, think of it as exciting that someone else saw some specialness about you, quite a rewarding ego stroke. I'm mostly too lazy and too married to actually move on anything. Last week's bar experiance was more an amazing idea that someone might be attracted to me and made the first move, than any actual "plan of action".

I've got to go, Curiouoso* spent an hour and a half in the gym tonight and he's tired.

Be nice and I might tell ya about this super realistic dream I had last night.

Dreaming right now, about you all of course, Curiouoso*


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