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2008-08-04 - 2:31 p.m.

I was in a rotton mood yesterday. my brother is picking mom up tomorrow,and as much as I love her, Not a moment too soon. I don't think I could have made the weekend.

Diaries/blogs are great for venting and occaisonally that's what I do. Not to worry The tendency to exaggerate the seriousousness is easy when writing. Besides in retrospect, that makes these little problems all the more glaringly small.

I'm not suggesting I'm happy around here today, No1 I'm not speaking to the significant other right now, (why talk when no one is listening?) and I'm sure that Boxx will be pleased to hear I'm going to the gym today. Yep, the gym is open all night and I'm planning on taking advantage of that for at least 6 hours. I'll work out, swim, hottub, take wet and dry saunas, bicycle an hour or two then use the treadmill at my uncoordinated lope for a hour or two more. Too bad the gym doesn't have a small room to lie down in! My friend at work suggested that if they did it would probably be so full of people they'd have to take reservations!

Things just aren't going my way till mom leaves, and when Amy gets to the point of saying "i don't care what you do," watch out! Curiouoso* will be having some real fun! Maybe then she'll listen and not order me around!

I just got another 6 or 8 credit card checks in the mail today. Most are for 0% interest for a year. One wants to give me $18,000. I bet I could have some real fun with that. Maybe I'll up and go to Australia or visit EuroBear in Sweden. I could get the time off easy but EuroBear? Click to find out about a real love story! I might never come back and that's not the wisest place to go when pissed at about throwing gas on a fire!

Any body want to run away for a while or even a weekend or day? I'm not talking anything serious.... Just a no strings lets have fun and don't hurt anyone innocent (or Guilty for that matter).

No? I didn't think so....Even Pebbles at work said she a room, but that her husband might object. I said no, I'll talk to him nicely...Tell him I already have a wife and all the attendent trouble, so I don't want his... But maybe I could just borrow her for a few days? She didn't think I'd have much luck with that plan.

I don't know what anyone finds interesting here anymore...My half serious political ideas didn't seem to cut it even wrapped in my nonsensical quest for political office. I'm sure complaints don't read interestingly.

Oh well, off to the marathon gym, with a change of clothes for tommorrow.

I sympathize with Ms. BEe's bad mood today. Last night I dreamed about war or revolution in some south American country, and I had to fight and deal with war all night long,with the worst at the end. Blood sweat and tears, and not the good ones.

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