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2005-12-25 - 7:20 p.m.

The misanthropist is back. No wait, thats not right, I'm the Grinch! Yep I hate Christmas.

The day was devoted to the kids, presents, fun, etc. Now Amy is mad at me because I told the kids to go inside and stay inside, cause the night is for Big people.

She wants to spend all the holidays for kids. Sure it was fun so far, but I've been there done that, and I want some private time.

I'll post pix of our yard at night tomorrow. I have some good ones.

I wish all my Dland people could be here drinking fine wine and enjoying our 82 degree christmas weather. It's 8:00PM right now and I'm in a tank top, about to go in the hottub sans apparel. Not that I would expect that from you, but it's that nice.

Curiouoso* AKA Mr. Grinch!


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