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2009-01-12 - 7:05 p.m.

We see strange things in our neighborhod lately.

We have a woman living across the street who definately needs stronger meds...or maybe less meds....or maybe a frontal lobotomy....or perhaps she's already had one???/

One day she was skulking around her front yard, trying to hide behind objects not big enough to hide a small rat, she was muttering about small monkeys scampering about her tree peering through her windows staring at her. She asked our next door neighbor to look out for them, while she ran to her house and locked the front door. Then to confuse the evil monkees, she cracked open her garage door about two feet and sat in her car staring out the darkened front window occaisonally flashing her headlights out towards the street.

Apparently she has a couple schoolage children, but no one has seen them for quite some time.

The other day the police came to the house next door and ask them if they had seen her, because "She is under psychiatric treatment and has issues"!

Tonight she was in the garage again with the door partly up, sitting in the front seat, car facing out, reving the engine and flashing the headlights. When I left for a few minutes, she flicked on the headlights then off again as I drove bye.

Rat Ryan was coming over with "Our Linda" and her 5 kids. I know, I'm feeling evil tonight, but I couldn't resist. I drove back to the house with my blinkers on only, flicking the dome lights on & off while driving a circle in front of her house then parking in front of mine. When The Rat arrived, I had him line up with the 7 of them in descending order of height, then march backwards to the house singing ooga shucka, ooga shucka, like the song "hooked on a feeling!"

I don't think we'll have any problems with that paranoid cracked out woman tonight!

I wonder where those kids are?

The only other person I ever saw there drove up in a beater 1970's car, pulled into the driveway, parked while honking the horn twice, got out, went to the door, knocked, then got back in the car and sped off!

I hope it's not catching. I think I'm going to go out and crack my garage door and stare at her house in the dark while flicking a bright flashlight on and off repeatedly.

You can tell Curiouoso* is bored tonight!


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