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2009-03-15 - 8:25 p.m.

Sunday night. Today was the day that was as all day offs should be when desired. I did nothing, that's no thing! Not one! Ok I did get up at 8:00, warmed some of yesterdays coffee with hot chocalate in it, read the newspaper and went and laid in the sun for a bit over an hour. No suntan yet. I want color! I wanna get red then slowly turn brown.

I got up and sat in my easy chair and read a book. I took a nap. I ate something light. I read some more. I took a nap on the bed this time.

I got up and inspected a suit for tomorrow, including sniffing it for bad smells. I sat down and read some more. I took a nap.

I got up and ate a great chicken breast sandwich the nieghbor made for me. I took a nap! I got up and polished shoes for tomorrow, then printed out the emails and maps I need. Now after this, I go to bed and glorious sleep till 3:30AM.

After my interview at 1:00, I'll come home and TAKE A NAP!

That's how important the world is to me now, it's nap time...

Curiouoso* goes to bed and sleeps like there is no tomorrow....


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