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2006-10-14 - 10:33 a.m.

Saturday Morning

I haven't updated this for a while...

I just haven't been in the mood. I've been writing ideas down for 2 weeks, but when it comes time to organize them on the computer, I just can't seem to get started.

That seems strange to me as I just signed up for super gold last month, another years worth.

Just look at my "favorites" list, at least six people no longer update thier diaries or haven't for months.
A couple have changed so much they are not on the same page anymore and aren't that interesting to me now.
A few don't read me and truthfully I've ignored some people that do read me and not put them on my favorites, though I do occaisonally check them out. I let the address slip out at work again the other day by downloading a picture from it for someone, and apparently left it up by mistake. This person is a very nice person and I'd welcome her readership, but next time it might be someone who would show it to everyone and it could get around. At work it might only be a matter of time before someone could complain about some minor aspect, maybe politics or an objection to what I wrote. People don't neccessarily understand that lots of diaries are also entertainment, blowing off steam or just flow of consciousness writing, not gospel truth.

Enough of that. Today - NO Politics.

Mr. Midnite and Ryan many moons ago. Mr. Midnite is Getting old. I mentioned that before, but now it's getting serious. He dumped in the house twice now in 3 weeks, so we changed his eating schedule so we would be more likely to be home at that time. He peed in the house twice earlier this week, and yesterday 4 times. Once in the morning was right in front of Amy, and then in the evening as if he just didn't know as he made no effort to go outside. An hour later he was slowing anbling towards the back door when he just went, right in front of us. It seemed like he just had no control.

He walks like a crab, somewhat sideways often, appears to be half deaf and possibly half blind. He has some kind of major dandruff problem on his back, and his ears are constantly stinky and dirty. He mostly gave up chewing his back leg (Maybe he can't reach easily anymore) but instead has begun on his front paw. His arthritis get worse at night so that he tries to sit down slowly and carefully. Lastly, he sleeps, so soundly that when I didn't see him in the middle of the night and tripped over him, he didn't even wake up! That's very undoggy for Middie!

What to do? Should I take him in to the vet and see what the prognosis is? Do we prepare to lose him soon? Who am I to decide his time is done? Put him down because he's suddenly inconvenient? I love that dog. No dog can replace him, but a house without a dog is not a home! Those Irish Wolfhounds I'm enamored with are cool, but cost maybe a thousand bucks. And speaking of shit, they SHIT, BIG SHIT!

Leave a note and let me know what you think....This is a tough decision, maybe I should just get used to it?

Dad is going downhill fast, the x-next door nieghbor has just been given a year or less to live, and while they are all in good health, Mom, My Aunts, both in Washington and Las Vegas, Amy's mother, are all in thier late 70's.

I had a very "strokey" feeling headache myself today. Damn, I'm not even 55 yet, not until December.

I have things to do, places to go, motorcycles to ride, lovers to love, families to family, Diaries to write, and fascist politicians to rail against. Not a time to go now!

Besides I still owe shitloads of bills and the Bush government has made it illegal to leave this earth before you pay all your creditors in full; otherwise they tack those bills on with interest to your next incarnation! Or if you are a heaven -hell person, send you to a special debtor's purgatory until you work off your debt, then go to your final "just" rewards.

Curiouoso* pondering some sort of scam to use to pay off my bills before my next incarnation......

P.S. A guy I worked with last year just dropped by to say Hi. He asked me if I wanted to go to the Arizona Cardinals game Monday night. Well, duh, I guess so! So Amy and I are going with him on Monday night. i hope they win for a change! The seats are right on the 50 yard line! Woo Hoo, We're going to the new stadium! It's only a couple miles away and really nice. Curiouoso*, making plans to wear his "official" polo shirt thyat I got when I worked there, not one of the "fan" varieties!


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