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2008-05-17 - 3:50 p.m.

In my last few messages I left people and somewhat in these pages I was writing about how going through hundreds if not thousands od old pictures were bringing back many old, fun memories of people and places.

Work being better this last week, has given me time to think more, a process that can either lead to brooding about where I'm at and the future, or being really happy that I've succeeded in life so far, as measured in family terms.

Yet I'm yearning for some kind of adventure....I'm not finding life very exciting at the moment. Even good times feel like more of the same old-same-sameold. There aren't any real bad times per se, just the usual dissatisfaction with money and prices - gas and food, house values, etc.

Perhaps this is why I haven't been updating as much, I just don't have all that much to talk about that would interest any of you (or me really).

I want to update and recreate the "lost" family tree, but I really don't want to spend money joining geneology sites. I know I posted it up on at least one before, but it seems "lost" now. I've spent all day just fooloing around on the computer instead of dragging out the old notes and starting to recreate it.

I'm going to a party at friends from work tonight, and I hope Amy meets some new people there. In 2 weeks we are going to a wedding in California.

See, lots of stuff to look forward to. So why this nagging sense of dissatisfaction?

I'm outta here for now... Curiouoso* hopes you are having better days than he seems to be having.


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