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2007-10-09 - 3:38 p.m.

Houston, We have a problem. Err, make that two problems.....

Problem #1 for me: I decided to use a cane today in preparation for going to Friday's baseball playoff game, where I know crutches just won't cut it.

But when I got home, something just wasn't right! Ouch! This picture just doesn't convey the "stuffed like a polish sausage" look. my left foot has!

Problem #2, for her: I can just visulize it now, most likely scenario:

I can't believe that old Fucker is probably looking at my Boobies right now! Jesus, I hope he doesn't whack off to them! OR less likely: Wow the old creep likes my boobies as much as I do, I wonder if he's going to whack off to them?

Honey, You don't need to worry about that! Pictures, while nice, just don't cut it for me! I much prefer closing my eyes and creating my own fantasy, which most likely doesn't resemble any living person.... So I know you wouldn't think poorly of me but rest assured, THIS is NO problem!

Curiouoso* getting a slight rise suddenly, but fighting off thinking of any of you!


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