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2005-03-22 - 4:10 p.m.

Tuesday and what a change!

I woke up this morning listless and energy deficient. I thought perhaps I was suffering a lack of vitamins from Saturday. I decided I had to go to work, it wouldn't be right to miss a day as I wasn't actually sick.

Will wonders never cease? Everything I did today went good and easy. I closed tons of tickets and had no problems.

I got re-energized quickly as things went well. Still, things get odd quickly some times. That's why I'm enjoying some Merlot and cooking pasta (comfort food). When did this job turn from exhilaration to comfort food inducing?

Ortiz, the Ahole, showed up about 8:30 this morning. Some how they took him back!! Of course he didn't say sqat to me or roomie, and was given 3 easy tickets that should have taken 2 hours or less. 9:00 he left and no one saw him all day! around 2pm people were asking, "Wheres Sunshine"? Then about 3pm someone noticed the company truck parked back in the lot and his car gone! No check in, no notice, and we work till 4pm plus.

Whats with that? Will he be working there tomorrow? That's just plain F****D Up.

I'm going in at 5AM tomorrow to do lot's of machines. If Ortiz is declared "Lead" tomorrow, Both of us at this house plan to refuse to work under his direction.

I want to continue with this contract but really....



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