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2007-08-06 - 8:46 p.m.

Why can't we all just get along?

Seriouosly folks, Didn't we get that lesson in kindergarden?

OK, I skipped straight to the first grade, so I like get a pass on that one. And I guess there were a few bullies along the way that didn't pay attention....

Of course the President has an excuse that he was hitting Daddy's bourbon up at an early age, doing Mommy's little helpers till her Valium ran out and he graduated to Coke. Probably Crack Cocaine by the results of it....

BTW, when did Senor Shrub Jr. go from being a somewhat comical Fuck-up to becoming a snivaling pathetic loser? About 9/11 I guess....So exactly how did he become a cross between Genghis Khan, Hitler and Nero with about as much missing KImChee as Junior Glorious Leader Kim Jong il? Like does he even play even play the violin? From his Gay days as a cheerleader ( Seriouosly, has there ever been a college cheerleader that doesn't have a sore Ass? Yeah baby, it's sore sooo good! ) you'd expect more like a piccolo with the hole on the end so he could move it up and down while blowing!

Ok, off track, I admit it. Some items I recently read or heard of:

The man and woman getting a divorce that argued about who gets his dog. She won then promptly euthanized the dog! Cunt, that won't get you Ass to St. Peters door.

The insurance claim that goes to Arbitration, not because they didn't agree the little old lady that died in the accident was worth boucoup bucks, or that one insured was 100% at fault, but because they COULDN"T AGREE on the value of the destroyed GOLF CART! They were arguing over less than $500. in a multi-million dollar claim!

A man's third wife/divorce, she gets everything thing she asked for, half of his retirement, half of his 401K, even half of his sicktime, to the tune of over $350K. Selling the house, he comes up with a cash buyer at a price where her half is more than she asked for...... When she finds out he's buying another house with his share, she gets pissed that he isn't suffering enough, and refuses to sign the deal, causing the cash buyer to go elsewhere and him to lose his cash ernest money on the new place! Hey how does this work, when wifey 1 and 2 also get half of everything when he retires?

That sounds like the way I do my time card. Warning, Don't try this at home!

Yes, I work a half hour early every day, that's 30 minutes early right? Then I leave 15 minutes early, 15 more "early minutes". So now we add 15 early minutes and 30 early minutes which add up to 45 early minutes a day, which in my book equals 3/4 of an hour overtime every day! Simple, no?

So I called one of our workers and ask for some computer info. He answers and says he's kinda busy and the phone is in his free hand, but the left is busy. I say, "Personally I'm a righty". He says "no, I mean't I was in the can." I answer, "I've spanked the monkey in the bathroom too, but not usually at work!" So ends another meaningful conversation.

I was actually busy at work today which might be why Curiouoso* is too tired to entertain you tonight with anything remotely humourous.

It was real good to see you back, "square." I thought you grew up into that bored, jaded upperclasswoman college girl....Having tried and rejected Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll and Sorority life for the pursuit of Rich guys jetting all over the world and partying in Vegas with Paris, Nichole and Brittany, while forsaking all your Dland friends.

Curiouoso* likes to think that was one hella run-on sentence!

P.S. Is that referred to as one Kim short of a kim chee? Or maybe not the sharpest Kim in the kim chee? Let me know, you got Curiouoso* Curious now....


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