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2007-10-11 - 10:36 p.m.

I believe I mentioned that Vietnamese dentist I saw that I was so attracted to. You know the one that screwed up my root canal so that I had to go to a root canal specialist, who just happened to be a stunningly beautiful, tall, intelligent young woman, that nearly had me searching for more rotton teeth just to be there again.

Remember all that? Well I think I neglected to mention my new Cardiologist, probably because I didn't want to sully the memory! Yep, very attractive, seductive/sexy Columbian accent in her 30's and truthfully, were circumstances different, I'd be absolutely smitten with, beyond hope.

As it is, I could hardly look her in the eyes today, because to me it was obvious that I had changed from a mature man into a playful little puppy dog the moment I saw her again. (Come on play with me, just throw a stick for me one last time so I can fetch it for you, big sad brown eyes implore silently.)

While professional, I'm sure she picked up on that one right away, cause she did a little flirt, "Won't you agree to take these meds [for me] becuase you are young and you need them because......"

Then she asked did I want to come in to see her in the office after the next test results or just get the info by phone?

Riiight....I'm going to sit by the phone for an impersonal diagnosis instead of seeing her in person and being absolutely entranced by her mannerisms and charmed by her accent! That's a no brainer! Woof, woof, Curiouoso* feels a puppy dog coming on.....

Anyway, My heart is perfect, no problems there, and my arteries in the neck appear to be clear, but I do have a big dead spot in my brain from the stroke and a 50% blocked artery in my right brain.

So really I'm as healthy as a horse, maybe not Man O' war or Seattle Slew, but certainly the equal of any old nag they've put out to stud. Which is where I should be, Out to Stud, enjoying my "Senior Years"!

Now, if Curiouoso* was only "Hung" like a horse....... P.S. I misspelled Seductive as "Sefuctive"! That's a wishful thinking typo for sure!


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